Health Insurance Subsidies for Exchange Students

The Niigata City International Exchange Foundation offers a subsidy of ¥5,000 to help foreign exchange students pay for their mandatory health insurance. This subsidy is paid for by individual donations, and we are always looking for new donations to continue the program. 


☆About Health Insurance Subsidies

All students studying in Japan for a period of a year or longer must enroll in the National Health Insurance system.

The Niigata City International Exchange Foundation and the Niigata Volunteer Center (NVC) have come together to create a program that pays a portion of the insurance payments for foreign exchange students residing in Niigata City. This assistance program is supported by donations from a variety of groups and individuals.

      • Must live in Niigata City.
      • Status of residence must be “Exchange Student.” 
      • Must be enrolled in a university, junior college, trade school or technical school in Niigata Prefecture. 
      • Must not be a prefecture or government sponsored exchange student (self-funded students only). 
      • Must have a National Health Insurance card. 
      • Must have made all National Health Insurance payments by the deadline. 


→ If you meet all of the above requirements then you are eligible to receive a health insurance subsidy.
(Students who failed to pay their National Health Insurance fees in full before the end of the fiscal year are not eligible for this subsidy.)


<How to apply for subsidies>

Eligible students should turn in the following documents to their school’s exchange student supervisor.

Necessary Documents:

      • Application Form (available from your school’s exchange student supervisor) 
      • Power of Attorney (available from your school’s exchange student supervisor) or a document that proves you have completed all of your National Health Insurance payments. 
      • Copy of your National Health Insurance card (front only. If your family is in Japan with you, you must submit a copy of each family member’s card) 
      • Copy of your bankbook (copy the page with the account number, owner name, and branch bank) 


As a general rule applications are accepted in April for the previous fiscal year. However, individuals with special circumstances who must depart Niigata to return home or change schools can apply early. All applications must be submitted to your school’s exchange student supervisor/coordinator.


<Payment >

Subsidies will be paid to the applicant after their application has been examined by the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation. All applications that meet the requirements will be approved. Payments will be made via direct deposit into the bank account included in the application paperwork.



For more information about National Health Insurance, please contact your Ward Residential Affairs and Services Division (Kumin-Seikatsu-ka 区民生活課).

      • Kita ward office:025-387-1255
      • Higashi ward office:025-250-2235
      • Chuo ward office:025-223-7106
      • Konan ward office:025-382-4203
      • Akiha ward office:0250-25-5674
      • Minami ward office:025-372-6105
      • Nishi ward office:025-264-7211
      • Nishikan ward office:0256-72-8317


For more information about subsidies, please contact your school’s exchange student supervisor or the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation.