Medical Information

Free Medical Consultations for Foreign Nationals Living in Niigata

Held with the help of the Medical Consultations for Foreign NationalsExecutive Committee which is made up of volunteer doctors and medical institution staff to provide health and insurance related consultations in the native language of foreign residents etc., for free of charge.

Contact: Medical Consultations for Foreign NationalsExecutive Committee

Representative: OKANO Atsuo

Secretariat: SAKAGUCHI Jun


●Medical Interpretation Services (Dispatched by the Niigata Medical Interpretation Center)

The Niigata Medical Interpretation Center is a citizen’s group that sends medical interpreters to medical institutions etc., for foreign residents who do not understand Japanese. For more information, please use the inquiry form.

w   Languages available: English and Chinese (for other languages, please consult with us)

w   Cost: 3,000 yen/appointment (up to 3 hours per appointment. Interpreter travel expenses are required separately)

w   Contact: Committee on Medical Interpreters for Niigata (COMIS Niigata)

Representative: SAKAGUCHI Jun