Japanese Language Courses (with schedule)

Study Japanese with us!

These are Japanese classes for people who’s native language is not Japanese. There are two semesters each year, Fall and Spring, and each lasts about 5 months.

Classes are broken down into different levels from beginner to intermediate and each class is has a small number of students. When you sign-up for classes, a simple placement test is given to help decide which class is most suitable for you. The classes are also available in the morning or evening.


Your Japanese will improve by learning the foundations of grammar using the textbook and practicing with the teacher. Our Japanese classes teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing comprehensively to improve your language skills. 








Support for Foreign Residents > Japanese Language Courses (with schedule)

October schedule Japanese Classes by Volunteer Groups in Niigata City

Support for Foreign Residents > Japanese Language Courses (with schedule)

2022 Japanese Lessons Fall Course